Characters for Hollie, Girl Detective

Hollie, Girl Detective
Hollie, Girl Detective

When working on this project, I was inspired in style by old flash games like Riddle School, the idea of children in adult situations like South Park, and a girl solving a mystery that the police should themselves like Nancy Drew PC games. Hollie is 12 years old and in 6th grade. For months, she’s been working with the Safeville Police Department and Police Chief Dunlap to find missing pets. After the murder of classmate Joshie Felix, Chief Dunlap assigns Hollie to the case.

Hollie first sketch

When I first started, my idea was to have my protagonist be Little Red Riding Hood solving the murder of her grandmother. Her hood soon became her hair, and her name changed from Little Red to Hollie (named this way for heart i’s). Her big coat came from my style in middle school, which was big and baggie and something I could just hide my entire body in.


I added the buttons to emphasize the fact that it was a big coat.




Chief Dunlap and Tommie the first 2 NPCs I designed for this game. Chief Dunlap is meant to be a useless adult figure. He gives Hollie her cases, and is ignorant of the reality of the situation. Tommie is part of the influential and rich Winston family, and is an entitled little shit.



I added a mustache to make him look older.


chief dunlap


He sits at his desk all day. He never leaves.




Tommie grew legs to look less shady, and his money sign became more obvious.


tommie winston


The color of his pants and hat is Nantucket Red which is gross and the perfect color for a rich white boy. I also covered him in blood to make it painfully obvious that he’s the murderer. The spelling of his name was also changed to fit the theme of every child characters’ names ending in “ie”.

These three characters are the most important characters in the game, and made up the overall tone I wanted to set for this dark comedy game.