Scrolling Wallpaper

My original idea of the wallpaper comes from “time”– When I choose new wallpapers, I always think about how to make the clock of my cellphone clear. Thus, I use many elements about “time” for this assignment.

The picture itself only contains two very basic shapes: circles and lines; complex shapes will not form without them.  The circles in the pictures present different planets, and the blue one represents the Earth. Since the Earth is rotating every second, the time flies. The idea from the universe inspires me to use the Riley Circles, but change the circle into lines. As time goes by, the lines become darker, and it means that time will bury everything eventually.

It was actually a clock-like shape at the centre, but I will save it for next time–it makes the picture more messy. I am not that good at wrap and parameter so I need to work on that…;0