Remix the City: Space HiJack— Falling Down

For my box project, I wanted to play with the idea of how we present ourselves and our internet presence (a pseudo internet identity), and how one can actually present the truth of their physical/mental state. I took my profile picture (hanging on the subway railing on a monday) and made six boxes from it. I then made this video knocking it all over. I’m suspended, dangling, waiting for what’s next, and frustrated at myself: plonk.

I had others knock me over in the heimbold atrium.
It’s really one of my great interests to understand what we can present in the world of social media, and how accurate and to life that really is. I enjoyed making this project more personal and close to home, and letting other people try to come on that journey. (Although throwing my metaphorical self off a railing was actually pretty fun…)

My work in the past has some performative aspects… this project being very similar to “boom boom splat” from last year. Check it out here if you want:

Author: Emma Sadowski