Space Oddity: Saint Vincent’s Bring Me Your Loves in Visual Form


Saint Vincent’s self titled album holds a very dear spot in my little gay heart.  Every song manages to punch me in the gut, take me back to my first summer alone in the city, and oh yeah this album helped me come to terms with my gay and trans identity. I, Baphomet Nayer, owe my existence to weird album and I’m ok with it.


Bring Me Your Loves holds itself up as probably one of my favorite heart break songs ever because of how raw, angry, and anguishing it is.  There are no saccharine woe is me lyrics or melodies here, nope just intense and true anger and desire for revenge.  In my opinion the reason why this song resonates to me is because being angry and vengeful, while a character flaw if actually acted out, was denied to me for so long, and honestly those are my true feelings in any heart break scenario, and to here them so unbridled and raw is freeing.



For the video I decided on the color scheme simply because Bring My Your Loves sounds like its mostly pink. Then for each repeating phrase (bass line and vocal) I animated trim lines in the shape of a vital signs monitor and just varied them slightly.  To convey the song’s movement and emotion I utilized the following: fractals, hand drawn frame animations, and a live recording of a beating heart outside of the human body.

 Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 10.14.02 AM


The most interesting parts of the video were using both hand drawn animations and live video to convey raw intense emotion.  Since the main simile involves dogs and pets I incorporated those with the following: a dog being split in half, and collard neck bursting, and a mouth drooling.  With the live video of a beating heart I made sure to add several style effects such as plastisze, glow, and emboss, change the colors, and change the aspect ratio of the video so while it was centered, it acted more like a window surrounded by movement. These effects and animations, as well as my use of color and fractals ensured that I would do Saint Vincent, my coming out album, and Bring Me Your Loves justice as an intense, raw, and emotional piece.

dog22 dog