New Genres: Supernova Motion Chamber

My first project this semester was a collaboration with my classmate Andrew Murdock. We created an installation using mylar and bright orange neon strings. Outside, students would listen to a recording that set the tone for the experience inside. By using fancy scientific words, the hope was to create a tone and purpose for the whole piece.

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 12.15.33 PM

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 12.16.19 PM


After listening to the recording, people would enter the space, where they were asked to take part in an “intergallactic” dance.  We distributed finger lights to the participants, with the hope that they would add even more playfulness to the piece.

On the far side of the room, a projector was used to project images of the people dancing on the wall. Using Processing and Isadora, Andrew was able to add two other levels to this projection: 1) the image projected was in slow motion, 2) the music would fade out, and begin again once the program noticed a loud sound.

I felt that the project was succesful. It was wonderful engaging with people, and seeing them interact not only with the technology, but with the characters we created for ourselves, as well as interaction amoung viewers.




Andrew and I ended the piece feeling mostly satified, thouh we both agreed that in a second reiteration of this, we might find a way to make the room darker, and possibly even project on the floor, instead of one of the mylar-covered walls.

The light from the projector, as well as light from the neighboring room, made it difficult to notice the projection on the wall. I think Andrew was especially upset that the work he put into the technological aspects of the piece wasn’t able to be as appreciated as we both wanted. With that said, I think this was a succesful piece, and it was wonderful to work with Andrew.

Author: Gustavo Sampaio