Project II: Move(s)(r) / Gus

For my second project this semester I made an installation intended to get people moving. At first, I had thought of making an installation that a character (played by myself) would interact with. It quickly became clear that asking other people to act with the installation would be much more challenging and rewarding. At first, I was unsure what to ask of people. Then, I remembered a comment Angela had made about my work last year. She talked about how I seem to want to make art that invites people to work together to achieve a goal. That was an observation that I found enlightning and agreed wholeheartedly with. As a result, I decided to create something that brought people together. As the process went on however, my approach became more and more about the individual. I feel that the result was an installation that wasn’t necessarly asking people to work together for a common goal –though nothing was keeping viewers from doing so if they wished.   IMG_2495   The installation was code running from Processing which was displayed in a large screen. The computer was connected to a Kinect and the image projected on the screen displayed a pixilated image of the person that spun around 360 degrees. Next to the large screen, my computer showed a video of people moving in different ways – dancing, walking down the runway, exercising. The hope was that people would immediatly understand they were supposed to replicate¬† these movements, while observing themselves on the large screen.   IMG_2478 IMG_2501   Not everone was immediatly aware of what they were supposed to do, and in that sense, the project could use a little more work. In a possible second iteration of this, there are two main things I’d like to work on: 1) finding a way to make the intention of the piece clear to those engaging with it, 2) work on making this a piece that asks for two or more people to engage with each other to accomplish a task. All in all, I had a great time doing this project on my on. I was also very inspired by my classmates projects this semester. What a great year this has been!