Games from Nothing: Group Game #2 — Skinnydipper

Interface and first ideas about our game

We wanted to make a skinny dipping game, incorporating the Flocking labs. The player will be chased around the screen, scoring points for dipping in pools (which are randomly placed for variety’s sake).  If the seeker catches you, that’s GAME OVER.

We made a little skin-tone dot to represent the player, but we had trouble getting it to move how we wanted it to (automatically, steering towards the cursor/finger).   We ended up with a player character that just teleports to wherever the mouse is clicked.  There’s a (police) Vehicle chasing him.

The skeleton is more or less there.

What we need is to get the movement down, and to figure out how to record score when you’re in pools, and to detect collision between the player and the vehicle.

Developing the game and figuring out the problems we’ve had

To solve the movement problem, we just replaced the little player-dot with a second vehicle that chases the cursor while being chased by the enemy vehicle.  This made collision difficult to figure out. We thought that putting the player character in its own class would help, but it did not. We also still had no idea how to make the code detect when vehicles were in water, since the parameters/coordinates were randomized. And so there could be no score.

Also, we made the colors awful :) but that is something we could fix of course!!

Rudimentarily-Finished Skinnydipper

All the mechanics that we set out to create have been created, and they all work!

      • Corrected the hideous color palette, first and foremost.
      • Had do give up on the randomized pools because they made the next part impossible:
      • Vehicle-in-pool detection, which is the basis for SCORING.
      • Vehicle slowdown (reduction of maxspeed) while in the water.  The chaser vehicle is slightly more affected by this than the player’s vehicle is.

Added collision detection but there’s no consequence for colliding. Collision is supposed to equal GAME OVER.


Actually-Finished Skinnydipper

  • Vehicle-in-pool detection now gives the player a SCORE (one point per frame spent in the water)
  • Collision now actually ends the game, and the police carry you off the screen.
  • The Player character is back in his own class.
  • Gave the player character has his peachy skintone back, and the enemy is navy blue because he’s the police.


Author: Ege Ozcan