Games from Nothing: Black & White Exercise #4 — Particles


For this lab I wanted to create a circular rotation based ride and during the ride the shapes that are moving around can change depending on location of the mouse if on a desktop or the location you drag if on a tablet. The goal was to create diversity of movement and at the mean time the random generator changes the color of the background simultaneously.

I got this idea from the solar system example that we have seen it during our labs and I thought I could make something cool out of it by adding a little bit of creativity and using the design techniques I’ve seen from Chip Kidd.


The shapes can be anything such as a line or a circle. MouseX and mouseY decide how the particles are going to be shaped so all you have to do is move on the screen and enjoy the ride.

I thought it was interesting using arrays and ı think it was a pretty useful lab and I am glad I have accomplished it.

Ege Ozcan