Conference Project Post #2: Bubble Tent


Here are images of the materials I have added to my project.

I chose these lights because they are cordless and create a calming atmosphere.

I am in a bit of a waiting game now because my hula hoop has not yet come in the mail. I’m going to use the tape shown to cover the hoop. and the other materials will hang from the hoop. My current plan is to install my project on monday (dec 8) because my hoop is supposed to arrive on friday. It is somewhat frustrating to not be able to put together the project just because I am missing an integral piece which is central to its construction.


After our discussion before the break about the Beach Beneath the Street I have been thinking more about what my project means in the context of the situationists. This is important to me because I have always conceptualized my project in the context of creating a unique situation through the engagement of passersby with the space I have created with the tent. It is important to me that it is not a purely visual piece because the ‘situation’ is created through the experience of being inside the tent and moving from one, very static, bland space, to one of relaxation and creativity.

To this end I have been thinking about how I can make my tent an inviting space. One idea I have about making this space accessible is to hang a sign over the entry which might invite people in. I have been thinking about how to relate it to the community in light hearted ways for example a sign saying ‘conference-free zone’ or something of that nature.

Once I have installed my project I will have a better sense of whether it appears inviting or not.