Games from Nothing: Black & White Exercise #2 — Monster

Monster is a single-player game based on the idea of mixing random possibilities. The basic setting is a village where five people live: a monster who can breath fire in the night to destroy the village; a hunter who can kill the monster; a wizard who brings light to indicate monster’s position, a witch who has a speed potion, and a innocent villager. The goal of the game is to find the hunter and to save the village from the monster’s potential harm.


The game starts as five characters doing spiral motion. If they move out of the screen, they would soon reappear in the center. The player can tap to trigger their special abilities.

1. the innocent villager that does nothing:

Screenshot_2014-10-26-17-56-572. the wizard who indicate the light


3. the witch who speeds up its motion to create visual confusion


4. the hunter that kill the monster


5. and most importantly, the monster that destroy the village:


While the game play is made of random chances, it also involve strategy. The player can keep track of the moving characters that he or she tried previously in order to detect the monster and the hunter.

In terms of design, I used text and emoticons to differentiate the characters, so the player can easily tell them apart, and also have a better visual experience.

possible change list:

  • adding more villagers for more difficulty
  • characters that need to be tapped in a certain order
  • a character that will change everyone’s speed
  • a character that assist the monster
Author: Shiyuan He