Mapping the Invisible: Conference Project Draft #2 A Map of Fear


In a previous draft of this map, the main focus of my project was to use a series of circles, with each layer of the circle representing a different fear. The closer to the center of the circle, the deeper the fear. However, while working with this concept in mind, I slowly began to realise that perhaps using a circle was not the most ideal for my project. Although I was able to create a visually obvious ‘gradient’ of fear, I felt as though using a circular shape was constricting the growth of what I was trying to represent.

In my second draft of this map, I’ve opted to use a series of haphazard, jagged shapes which are a culmination of my fears and anxieties. The closer to the border, the more triangular the shapes become to represent agitation. Colour, too, plays an integral part in creating this feeling of agitation. A big inspiration came from Untitled (War Painting) by Kim Jones, which can be found on page 19 of The Map of Art by Katherine Harmon.

For my surface, I plan to use old newspaper clippings to help give the map a more concrete time and location.




The following images are of my final map, and include the newsprint.