Interactive City: Magic Ball

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For my second project, I wanted to create something similar to a magic 8 ball. The user will ask it a yes/no question out loud or in their head. Then, they will click on the ball and it will answer them. The answers would be responses, like a magic 8 ball. For example, “don’t count on it” or “yes, definitely.” I think this will be fun to play with because people enjoy using a magic 8 ball. It is also very approachable for all ages.


The design of this project includes creating a spin off of a magic 8 ball. I’m going to create something that looks like it predicts the future. The design will be different from a a magic 8 ball, but it will have the same function. The code I will use will include generating random answers from the text that I will provide. I will set it up so that every time the user clicks, it generates a different response. I think that this will be one of the main challenges I will have when creating my project because I know how to generate random things, but I’m not sure how to generate random things based on given inputs.

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This project fits into de Waal’s ideology because it falls under the category of a “sensible city.” The design of this project is to have the function of getting questions answered. Any person can go up to it, click the ball, and get an answer to their question. Although this project is a fun way to get answers to your questions, it obviously isn’t the most reliable. I think that it serves the function of being a resource, but at the same time, it also fits into another category. In addition, this project can fall into de Waal’s vision of a “flaneur city.” In the article written by de Waal, he notes that Paulos and Beckman wrote “We marvel at mundane everyday experiences and objects that evoke mystery, doubt, and uncertainty” (10). This project has an aspect of mystery because the whole idea is based on the unknown. This adds a fun element for the user because they don’t know what kind of answer they are going to receive to their question.