Art from Code: Replication of works by Fred Tomaselli

Fred Tomaselli

My conference proposal this semester focuses on an attempt to replicate the works of Fred Tomaselli in my own ways. This idea came about gradually over the semester as we were working on ellipses.

I found a fascination in drawing ellipses into my code and wondered how I could bring this idea into a conference project. After several conferences with Angela, she helped me discover the brilliant artist, Fred Tomaselli. I found that a lot of my previous works had been somewhat similar to his sketches.

Most of Fred’s works have intricate detail and small shapes and patterns that when looked from afar, creates a beautiful image. I challenged myself to try to use his works as inspiration to create beautiful coding patterns that might reflect my own style into it as well.

I am using the ideas of loops, steps, noise, increments and various colors in my code. These concepts are all inter-dependent to one another, which means that all these concepts have a smaller role to play in the animation process of the code.

Created by Saloni Patel, 2016

Towards the end of this semester, I hope to create five 3-minute movies, that show an attempt towards using Fred Tomaselli’s work as inspiration to my interest in coding ellipses and making movies. I am currently in the process of replicating some more sketches of Fred’s, and covering them into movies.

Created by Saloni Patel, 2016
Created by Saloni Patel, 2016

These movies are made with the hope of appreciating the designs that can be made with just a few lines of code.