Drawing Machines: Vision Machine

For my vision machine, I made a very basic zoetrope. With the long paper strip that has cut slits to provide the interrupted images to created the illusion of seamless motion. The strip is about 30 frames long, each about a half inch of paper. The image I put in my animation was that of a moth opening and closing its wings, then the pattern changes into a face. I wanted to use the outside of the turntable because it would allow me to use the longest strip to use the most frames for a smoother animation.

There was a slight issue with the cake spinner and it didn’t quite turn as easily as I would have liked, but the spinning needed constant force and was easier to use if held up at an angle. Other than that all the materials were useful.

The moth in the animation has a scary face, that is apparent after close inspection. I thought it would be interesting to put a seemingly normal image on the zoetrope, because they were used as toys for a period of time and then having a secretly spooky image inside.  

Author: El Ryan