Games from Nothing: Group Game #1 — Bammer

So for the group game, my group first worked on a project that we called Bridge Builder. And for bridge builder the basic idea was that there was a canyon of death that your character needed to cross and in order to cross it you needed to collect certain shapes to build a bridge and then cross it to the finish line to win. We were really heart broken when we decided that the game was a little too complicated at this point for us to design so we had to table bridge builder in favor of another game. The next game idea we had, which ended up morphing into bammer was a game where you had to avoid several moving triangle and build up your score. Originally the game had no end but death, so we decided that once your score reached a certain number a goal would appear and that was how you won the game. The first edition of the game featured around 16 triangle with their points all randomly moving in different directions. However, we quickly had to ditch this idea because circle triangle collision was causing us loads of issues so we had to come up with another way in which we could program our triangles so collision would work. We discovered an interesting way to do collision in this process and ended up using it. Instead of using distance between points and if that distance was less than 0 making collision, we defined each triangle and the player a given area. And once those areas were defined we were able to create a collision function revolving around whether or not the areas intersected with each other. This worked out extremely well and when the player collided with a triangle the screen would flash red and you would hear an audio clip of me saying “Bam” (thus the name Bammer). The next part we tried to program was the goal at the end. We were able to get the goal to appear however, we went back to trying to use the first collision code rather than use an area code. This proved to be unsuccessful and so our game at this point doesn’t have an end and we were unable to add a game loop because of it. I am interested in going back on this game for conference and making it work completely as well as simplifying a lot of code.




Author: bbehrman10