Games from Nothing: Post-Mortem — Attendance

During our playtest we found that our game was for the most part a success. We had one downfall from the playtest and that was to some the game felt a bit stupid a novelty. Isaac and I got together to try and figure out how we could make the game seem less like a novelty and possibly improve the experience of the game and maybe add one more aspect. While we wanted to stick with Angela being the teacher we decided that the main issue from this game was the background music. We thought that the music would provide a fun environment that the player would enjoy. Sort of making an environment cartoonish. So we decided to scrap the music and add a more serious track that doesn’t make the game look novelty. Finally we wanted to add one more aspect to the game before turn in. We went with hall monitors. We added a few black circles bouncing up and down the screen that if you collided with, the teacher would slowly start to edge out onto the screen. Once we did this we were ready for turn in. This screenshot is the game with a few aesthetic changes (we made a couple things invisible) as well as the hall monitors.


Author: bbehrman10