Games from Nothing: Conference Project Post #2 — Attendance

After some hard programming we finally have a functioning game that we will go to playtest in the class. So we have that interface I posted in my last post, but now we have an official lose state and win state. And we figured away around circle to triangle collision. For each vehicle we have a circle that travels with it. That circle interacts with the in place circles so that we could do circle to circle collision. For our win and lose states we had a little fun and had our teacher be Angela. If you won the game, Angela would come out and say “Glad to see you’re all in your seats.” But if you lost, Angela would come out and say “This will be reflected in your evaluation.” With these states we also added a win sound and a lose sound. For some fun as well we added the Benny Hill Theme Song as our background music.

Screenshot_2014-12-08-18-09-52 Screenshot_2014-12-08-18-09-15