Games from Nothing: Conference Project Post #1 — Attendance

Isaac and I are working on a conference game together. The entire semester we have been working on an idea called BridgeBuilder. I’ve mentioned it various times in earlier posts. However, we have finally decided to not do BridgeBuilder we have been back and forth about doing it, but in the end we aren’t ready to make BridgeBuilder exactly the way we want to. So we decided to use our hider seeker game into our conference work and really flush out an idea and incorporate a lot of what we have learned this semester. Looking out both of our first hider seeker programs and other classmates programs we noticed that there weren’t a whole lot of games. We saw a lot of really cool code art, but we really wanted to make sure that we made a game out of this. So we came up with the idea of Attendance. The basic idea of Attendance is that you have to get all your classmates in their seats before the teacher gets to class.


This screen right here is the beginning interface of the game. We hope to program it so that each triangle stops in the same colored circle. You will also have 15 seconds to get to your seats.

Author: bbehrman10