Games from Nothing: Group Game #2 — Hider/Seeker

Before creating a game using the hider/seeker engine I wanted to practice with it first. So in this simple exercise I created a simple circle that is being chased by a triangle. In this program each quadrant does something different to the size of the chase, the speed of the chaser, or the maxforce of the chaser. The maxforce is basically the ability of the chaser to make tight turns. As the force goes up, the chaser can make sharper and sharper turns. These screenshots show what they do for the most part. Some of the changes only can be seen during the program running since speed and force can’t be captured in a picture. The top left quadrant makes the chaser much bigger, the top right makes it normal, the bottom right makes the chaser very fast and the bottom left makes the chaser very slow. While this isn’t a game I hope use the experience of this program to help make the hider seeker game.




Author: bbehrman10