Games from Nothing: Black & White Exercise #4 — Particles

I think I had the most fun playing around with particle systems. I spent a lot of my time just going into the base particle codes and just messing around with them seeing what I could make with them. At some point I had gotten the particles to be white and fly to the edges of the screen. I looked at this and thought of one thing and one thing only. In star wars when any ship goes to hyper speed you see the stars start to stretch and the ship speeds up. This was my inspiration to make a space themed game. The premise of this game was to destroy the enemy ships attacking your ship. The most successful way for me to make this was to make the game first person. I played around with adding text as well as sound. During the game the text goes up on the screen and then 4 enemy red square appear on the screen and in order to kill them you have to hit them with your mouse. With each mouse touch I added a second particle system to act as an explosion. Basically when you touch the screen the a splash of blue circles appears to signify you shot your weapon. I never made an end to the game so once all the squares are removed they come back and you can continue forever killing the enemies. The four screenshots show each phase of the game: The very beginning space screen, the text instructions, the enemies appearing, and the particle explosion. This will be my open studio game.

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