Games from Nothing: Black & White Exercise #3 — Transforms

Transforms were some of the most confusing things to get working for me. For this assignment, using the transforms, we were supposed to make a program that was like an amusement park in some sort of way. I wanted to capture the essence of amusement parks in my game/exercise so I asked myself, “what do most things do at amusement parks?” And I came to the conclusion that most things there move quickly changing speed and trajectory. One of the first things people ever go on at these parks are either the Tea Cups or the Scrambler. Both utilize that key component of rapid movement. I also wanted the colors to change rapidly because amusement parks also have lots of flashing lights. So  I started by making several circles, giving them each a case. Each circle had a heavy stroke with a small orb in the middle that, because of a random color generator, would flash different colors. Each circle starts in the same location as the other, but they all have different speeds and spin around until they all meet again at the starting point. Image one is just after the program starts while image two is the first phase of case planes moving. Image three is the case planes changing speeds so that they create a cool design.




The most confusing part of this was to get each circle to spin at different speeds. I wasn’t making them a class, mainly because I wasn’t sure how to, so I decided to put each circle on its own case. Each case spun at a different speed which created the effect that the circles were speeding up and slowing down as the program ran. For a name, I decided to call it Records as the circles looked like vinyl records.