Bad Guys: Group Game # 1 Frog Laser

In my game I attempted to create a bad guy that would not be interacted with directly. Its movement patterns then do not actively harm the player instead affecting the accuracy of the player’s shots.  When the player scores a hit on the enemy by aligning with it and shooting it, the area the bad guy can move in is decreased. Through bouncing and a wrapped movement, the bad guy attempts to avoid being targeted. If it hits the walls of its area enough times the boundaries will increase and if unchecked will envelop the whole screen.



Conversely, when the player shoots and is aligned with the bad guy, a laser is emitted. Pressing either x or z will trigger one of two lasers. x will result in a larger laser with a greater result but with limited shots. z delivers a short laser that can be used infinitely. With this I hoped to create some measure of player choice. Although in future I hope to include a charging mechanic whereby the player can either release a shot instantly or hold it for a larger laser.

I would say that the bad guy exploits the terrain as the player an bad guy cannot affect each other directly. They must interact through the terrain to damage each other. However I only really have one type of failure and that is absolute. There are not really small failures in the game to learn from though the advancing wall quickly teaches the player to shoot.

As part of my change list I instituted a second level which inverts the perspective of the first level and offers a different color palette.  In addition, I made a more visible laser and two different laser modes. I also tried to make the player more visible by adding shadow and changing the blue color so as to offer contrast with the background.


In the future I would like to definitely work out a charging mechanic and perhaps introduce more movements for the bad guy.

Author: Silas Osborne