Interactive City: Wow!

This is what happens when you WOW the target.
This is what happens when you WOW the target.

It is so boring to use mouses, keyboards or joysticks to play games. How about using you own voice to do so?

I want to use my conference project to challenge the traditional ways of playing video games. This game is similar to the very popular arcade came whac-a-mole, but instead, people need to make a significant sound to hit the target promptly and score. This is interesting because not only will it change the way people play the game, but also change how other people interact with the players in public spaces.

Player will form the goal of hitting the largest number of targets according to the instructions. Their intention will be making a significant sound, like “wow”, to hit the target as soon as it appears, and their action will be making sounds. They will perceive the state of the world by seeing whether the moles disappear or not after the sound they make. This is how they evaluate the outcome: if the targets disappear, the user succeeds in hitting them back; if not, they will form an intention to make another sound to hit the targets again. The time is limited for each round of the game, and the player’s score will be collected into a chart that will display previous players’ scores from the high to low.

Magic circle: Traditional arcade games VS WOW!

In public spaces, arcade games usually attract attentions a lot because they are easy to play, so that it has a low barrier for entry. This game, however, will change how people watch other people playing arcade games because if the audience make a sound when they watch another person playing, the sound will cause the player to lose scores. In this magic circle, the player will make sounds and the audience will remain silent, which is the total opposite of a traditional arcade game magic circle.

The interface will be a field where targets appear; in the corners there will be the score, time remaining, and the times left for player to hit itself by making unnecessary sounds.

The code will mainly focus on the interactivity. I will use the setup() function to set up the background, and the draw() function will contain a timer, a random target generator, and a function to determine if the user has hit the target properly or not. A custom function will monitor the volume change of the surroundings with a proper threshold.