Art from Code: Flower Post-Mortem

Flower: Funeral, Shengluo Zhang

Because some of the previous conference works looked too similar with my work “Daisy,” so I made some change on my piece “Growing” and decided not to use the piece I mentioned in the last post “Windy”. I also added two new pieces called “Funeral” and “Mutate”. All my five pieces show the whole life of a flower: Origin, Growing, Bloom, Mutate and Funeral. 


In the “Growing”, I changed the main part of the flowers and made them keep growing. 

In the “Funeral”, I used noise to present the background, the loop tocrate a black flower like circle in the middle and the translate to make the grey flower in the center. The black flower-like circle is made by rectangles. It’s difficult for me to combine the black flower-like circle with the animated grey flower together, because they both had their own translate and made the code too complicated.

I had considered about making some difference every several seconds, such as change the background color. But I thought the whole work already looks every intense, the changing of background color would make the audiences  anxious. 

I love the pieces I have so far and hope the audiences would love them as well.