Remix the City: Conference Project Post #1 — Reframing Space/Reclaiming Place

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Reclaiming Place/Reframing Space – Conference Project

This class has encouraged me to rethink the way i think and work in Heimbold. I will always stand up for Heimbold, but lately I have been more critical. Going beyond the water issue, and the fact that the structure is sliding apart.. I think that the SEATING must change.

Reclining is important to me. Atmosphere is crucial for my contentedness, contentedness is crucial for my work-mode, and my work-mode is directly related to the chair I sit in.

Whenever I enter Heimbold, almost always, I am bummed out by the fact that there is nowhere to sit, comfortably.

The red and yellow chairs have got to go.

So I am going to reframe the seating in Heimbold.

I like the idea of using cardboard because I think that earth tones are what Heimbold needs most.

This project is a way to reclaim space in a virtual world.